If you are a Blue Ridge Chapter member and would like to borrow a tool, contact our tool steward Paul Muskopf via e-mail and he’ll make arrangements to get the tool(s) to you. A deposit may be required for some tools. If you need the tools shipped to you please arranged shipping with Paul ahead of time. It will be the member’s responsibility to cover shipping expenses using PayPal.

Please click here to download the toolbox Rules, Disclaimer and Waiver. Please read the Rules and Disclaimer then print off and sign the Waiver to give to Paul before borrowing the tools.

The tools:
• Electronic troubleshooting manuals on CD for
e23, e24, e28, e30, e31, e32, e34, and e36
models. Easily navigated wiring schematics (in
English) showing colors and sequence of wires
and connectors.

• Hub and rear wheel bearing R&R kit

• Master bushing kit for subframe bushings

• 16 1 050 – fuel line disconnect tool

• LT-940 – fuel pump retaining ring removal tool

• Tool for removing cooling fan from older models

• Reset tool for service indicator lights

• Windshield lock trim tool

• Anti-theft radio screwdriver

• Clutch alignment tools for various models

• Bentley manual for the e30 (3-series 84–90)
• Bentley manual for the e34 (5-series 89–95)
• Bentley manual for the e36 (3-series 92–98)
• Bentley manual for the e46 (3-series 99-2005)

• Parts CD BMW Mobile Tradition: includes e12,
e21, e30, motorcycles to ‘69.

• G-Tech accelerometer

• Pressure brake bleeder by Motive Products

• Tie rod end puller

• Complete set of hex wrench sockets


Please e-mail Jeff Gilbert

• Reset tool for service indicator lights

• Pressure brake bleeder