Go-karting postponed

We will be postponing the go-karting event scheduled for April 12th until sometime in May.  Many folks couldn’t make that date due to AutoX school and other conflicts.  So, we’re aiming for another weekend when we can get a good group together!  Stay tuned for more info soon!

Cville get together canceled

Due to the snow and crazy weather, tonight’s monthly get together in Charlottesville has been canceled. Let’s look forward to NO SNOW next month!

Please update your e-mail for better communication

As you may have read in our last printed newsletter, we are going to be moving towards more electronic communication in the near future. Please make sure you update your e-mail with BMWCCA.org or just add your e-mail to our e-mail list by clicking here. Also, please like us on Facebook as we’ll post up to date info there as well!